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Collections: Artificial Succulents

Artificial Small Air Plant - Head - 8cm

Our Artificial Nana (Air Plant) Succulent are low-maintenance plants boasting exciting and beautiful design features.

Air plants are known for their unique and intricate shapes, and the Faux Air Plant is no exception.

This faux plant features slender, spindly leaves that curve and twist in all directions, mimicking the appearance of a spider's legs. The leaves are a bright, vibrant green, with a slight sheen that gives them a realistic look and feel.

Unlike real air plants, which require regular watering and care, this Faux Air Plant is low-maintenance and easy to care for. It can be displayed on its own or combined with other artificial plants to create a lush, natural-looking arrangement. Overall, the Faux Air Plant is a beautiful and realistic alternative to real air plants, perfect for those who want the look of living plants without the hassle of maintenance.