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Artificial Ficus Tree - Variegated Leaves, 150cm (4.9ft)

Unlike our other ficus trees, this product features variegated leaves that add a touch of contrast to the already beautiful ficus tree. The product features leaves with zones that differ in colour; an attribute that rarely occurs in nature. All the naturally beautiful detail on this product really makes it a stunning decorative piece.

The tree is 1.6m tall and the maximum width of foliage is approx. 95cm. The pot size is 19cm in diameter with a height of 17.5cm. The height of the exposed tree trunk before the foliage starts is 43cm. There are plastic variegated colour leaves with green with white tips. The realistic brown coloured tree trunk gives a realistic appearance of a wooden trunk which hold all the detailed foliage up.


Height - 160m (5.25ft)