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Artificial Maranta

With Or Without Pot

Our Artificial Hanging Maranta is a decorative plant designed to mimic the appearance of a real Maranta plant, specifically one that exhibits trailing or cascading growth. Maranta plants, also known as Prayer Plants, are known for their vibrant foliage with intricate patterns and colours, making them popular choices for indoor greenery.


It is carefully designed to replicate the distinct features of a real Maranta plant, including its elongated, ovate leaves and variegated patterns. The artificial leaves may display a combination of green hues, often with intricate markings such as veins, spots, or stripes, resembling the natural variations found in live Maranta plants.


To create a hanging effect, the artificial Maranta is designed with long trailing stems or vines. These stems are flexible, allowing for customization and adjustment to achieve a more realistic appearance.