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Artificial Rose Hanging Bush - Cream & Pink - 75cm

With Or Without Pot


Our Artificial Rose hanging bush is a decorative plant designed to resemble a hanging arrangement of roses. This artificial bush is specifically designed to be displayed in a hanging position, creating a cascading effect and adding beauty and elegance to any space.


The artificial rose hanging bush consists of multiple stems or branches that are arranged to form a dense and lifelike cluster of roses. Each stem features one or more rose blooms along with leaves and foliage, carefully crafted to capture the intricate details of real roses.


To facilitate hanging, the artificial rose bush has a central stem that allows it to be easily suspended from a hook, branch, or other suitable fixture.


Artificial rose hanging bushes are a popular choice for those who desire the beauty and charm of roses without the upkeep and short lifespan of real flowers. They offer a long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative that can be enjoyed in any season and in various indoor or covered outdoor settings. Whether used as a centerpiece, a hanging decoration, or incorporated into floral arrangements, artificial rose hanging bushes bring enduring elegance and grace to any space.