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Artificial Silk 7 Head Daffodil Bunch

With Vase or Without Vase

Our Artificial Daffodil heads in this bunch are typically designed to replicate the vibrant and cheerful look of real daffodils. They feature a trumpet-shaped center in a contrasting color, usually yellow or orange, surrounded by six petals that radiate outwards. The petals can have various shades of white, cream, or pale yellow, adding depth and realism to the flowers.

The stems are green, resembling the natural color of daffodil leaves. With additional foliage or greenery to enhance the arrangement's visual appeal and provide a more natural look.

The use of artificial silk or similar materials ensures that the daffodil bunch remains durable and long-lasting. Unlike real flowers, these artificial daffodils do not require water, sunlight, or maintenance. They are a popular choice for various occasions and settings, such as home decor, weddings, parties, or floral arrangements that require flowers that won't wilt or fade over time.

The Silk 7 Head Daffodil Bunch offers the beauty of daffodils year-round and can be enjoyed without worrying about seasonal availability or allergies. It serves as an attractive and low-maintenance alternative to fresh flowers, allowing individuals to incorporate the charm of daffodils into their surroundings regardless of the time of year.