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Artificial Trailing Ruby Cascade - 70 cm in Fern Pot

An artificial Trailing Ruby Cascade is a type of decorative plant arrangement typically designed for aesthetic appeal and indoor decoration. 

At 70 cm, this is the length of the cascading foliage, which would drape down from the pot or hanging basket.

The pot as photographed for the Trailing Ruby Cascade is a decorative fern pot.

This type of arrangement is suited for indoor use, where it can be placed in a well-lit area but protected from direct sunlight, which could scorch the delicate foliage. It could be used as a centerpiece on a table or placed on a high shelf where the cascading foliage can be appreciated.

In summary, an artificial Trailing Ruby Cascade at 70 cm would be a visually striking and versatile decorative plant arrangement featuring cascading foliage housed in a suitable container for indoor display.