LOTUS 102847

Collections: Artificial Succulents

Lilypad Succulent 10cm- Natural Green

Our artificial Lilypad Succulent mimics the appearance of a real Lilypad Succulent, a type of plant known for its striking resemblance to lilypads. 

The coloration would imitate that of a real Lilypad Succulent, which typically features shades of green ranging from light to dark.

The artificial succulent is designed to have a texture similar to that of a real plant, with matte finishes to simulate the smooth surface of succulent leaves.

The leaves would be shaped like lilypads, round or oval in form, with slightly raised edges to mimic the characteristic cupping of real Lilypad Succulent leaves. The size of the leaves will vary, with some smaller ones emerging from the base and larger ones spreading outwards, just like in real succulents.

Overall, an artificial Lilypad Succulent would aim to capture the essence of the real plant while offering the low-maintenance benefits of artificial décor. It would be a charming addition to any indoor space, adding a touch of greenery without the need for watering or maintenance.