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Spotted Dragon Leaf Small Bunch With Or Without Pot

With Or Without Pot
Our Real Artificial Spotted Dragon Leaf Small Bunch is suitable for smaller spaces or as a decorative accent. The stems are grouped together to create a small bunch, and the overall size would be appropriate for tabletops, shelves, or desks. (Plant Size without pot 24cm)

The leaves are the highlight of this artificial plant. Imagining a "spotted dragon leaf," the leaves feature a unique pattern reminiscent of dragon scales or spots. These spots being the red and green are contrasting colors, creating an eye-catching and fantastical appearance.

The materials aim to replicate the texture and appearance of natural leaves while ensuring durability and resistance to fading.

The colour palette of the Spotted Dragon Leaf Small Bunch is inspired by the fantasy theme.

The stems are arranged to create a visually appealing and balanced bunch. The arrangement includes varying heights and angles to mimic the natural growth pattern of real plants.

The small bunch could be placed in a decorative pot or base. The pot we have chosen for the dragon leaf is the clay grey 7cm pot. We have chosen this pot as it does not distract from the colour of the plant and with intricate patterns we think complement the exotic nature of the plant.

Like other artificial plants, the Spotted Dragon Leaf Small Bunch would require minimal to no maintenance. There would be no need for watering, sunlight, or pruning, making it a hassle-free decorative element.