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Wild Gypsophila - Pink (With or Without Vase)

With or Without Vase
Our Real Artificial Wild Gypsophila features lifelike, intricately designed pink petals that are soft to the touch, mimicking the gentle and airy appearance of the real Gypsophila. Each petal is carefully shaped and colored to recreate the distinct look of this wildflower. The shade of pink is vibrant and eye-catching, adding a touch of elegance to any setting.

Standing at a height of 32cm, the artificial Wild Gypsophila is supported by a slender yet sturdy stem. The stem is flexible, allowing for different arrangements and displays. It is coated with a realistic green finish to simulate the appearance of a healthy and natural stem.

The attention to detail extends to the foliage, with small, delicate leaves branching out from the stem. These leaves contribute to the overall lifelike quality of the artificial Wild Gypsophila, creating a sense of authenticity.

Whether used as a standalone decorative piece or as part of a larger arrangement, this artificial Wild Gypsophila in pink at 32cm adds a touch of nature to any space, without the maintenance requirements of real flowers. It's a perfect option for those seeking a long-lasting and beautiful floral accent for their home or special events.